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Software and Applications

Radio automation and Music playout software is at the heart of what we do and your station armed with either PlayoutONE and Music1 SE or DARP NG and ProTRAK NG music scheduling will help to streamline your costs.

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Streaming your radio station across the internet need not be a hassle. If you’re struggling with the idea of setting this up or just simply need a new, more cost effective, streaming package then get in touch. We have our own dedicated streaming servers.

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Radio Station Solutions are a team of industry experts with over 25 years in the UK radio business. We can help you with any area of your radio station operation so that you can enjoy maximum returns and increased productivity.

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Download the DARP NG Brochure

DARP NG Brochure Download

DARP NG is our very own radio playout system with live assist, full automation and a powerful music scheduler ProTrak to boot.

You don’t have to use DARP NG to benefit from the range of services we offer but should you wish to slash the cost of your playout and scheduling system without compromising on support then why not download the DARP NG brochure and have a read through it.

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