Who are Radio Station Solutions?

We are a team of UK radio industry professionals that provide a varied range of services and software right across the board from consulting services to servicing your station and providing the ongoing support that you need.

Meet the team

Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson

Dave Brierley-Jones

Dave Brierley-Jones

Chris Oakley

Our team are currently working very closely on a number of fresh new projects which range from RSL’s, Online Stations, Community Stations and those bidding for Community licences.

Our very own playout package PlayoutONE, twinned with our partner products Music1 for music scheduling and Traffecta for commercial and spot scheduling, is now installed and running smoothly in the UK at stations like Radio Newark, Sandgrounder Radio, Bliss Radio, Fosse 107 and many more. In the US it is powering the groundbreaking Harmony system installed in over 100 stations and counting.

If you’re wanting to minimise your cost centre spend on music automation and scheduling software then why not give Radio Station Solutions a call today and see how we can also generate new revenue streams, empower your staff, maximise your profit and above all protect your stations interests.

Not just a software company

We can provide any number of services to you and have a broad team of industry certified professionals with the experience to keep your operation running smoothly.

Full production services are also provided as we work closely with Ignite Jingles and www.danharper.co.uk to get you the best deal on the best UK based bespoke music and station imaging. If it’s a bespoke news service you need, we have one of those too! Get in touch.

Need an Ofcom trusted FM and DAB broadcast and transmission service that won’t bust you bank account? Contact us – we’ve got the best.

If you wish to know more then fill in your details here and we can get in touch with you.

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