Music1 music scheduling

Music scheduling

Generate playlists easily with Music1

PlayoutONE directly integrates with Music1

You can use other scheduling packages too, but Music1 is the only pro scheduler that talks directly to PlayoutONE.

The Music1 learning curve is low

Music1 has a unique methodology and scheduling algorithm. Gone are the day’s of spending hours dealing with rule violations, editing the log, fixing what a scheduling software did wrong.

Music1 never violates a formatting rule nor leave unscheduled slots. Each and every song receives the planned number of spins. Category rotations conform precisely to your formatting plans.

Music1 Schedules Everything

In addition to delivering perfect song rotations and music flow, Music1 also schedules Liners, Voice Tracks, Promos, Jingles, Spot Breaks, Short- and Long-form programs and Syndicated shows.

Music1 Scheduling

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