Autofade, Fillset, Voicetracks, Purging Tools – We’ve been busy

stressed darp ng programmerWell what a busy weekend I’ve had. I’ve been under the cosh lately to resolve a little issue with the autofade in DARP NG not functioning properly and also the emergency fillset function taking out scheduled songs and replacing them with it’s own.

I suppose the fillset behaving that way is because that’s what I am like when I’m presenting shows. Rihanna is nice but sometimes you feel the music and the mood at that moment in time and decide that The Adventures and Broken Lands is the way to go. I know programmers frown on that but I know best.

I’m glad to report that both these functions are now fully functional and we’ve been testing them for the best part of a week now on constant automation and everything is on the nose.

I’ve been busy this weekend adding some extra functions too for log and audio management. In the next release DARP NG has the ability to turn on these functions which will purge logs that have passed a certain time period. So if you want to automatically have logs purged that are passed 2 weeks old then you can. 4 weeks, not a problem. Also audio now has an expiry date so that you can set (if you want) a cart to be automatically removed when its older than the date you set.

Voicetracks can have this switched on so they’re automatically time stamped to be removed a set time after the date they’re being recorded for.

These tools have been added to keep DARP NG tidy and to save you time so you can get on working on content rather than managing the fundamentals.

Voicetracks also now have the option to be Normalised at time of committing to the system too so everything should be kept to a nice level (as long as you don’t shout and make it peak.)

If you’re reading this and you don’t use DARP NG or are looking to cut the costs of your playout system then why not get in touch either using the email address, via our contact page or by calling 0161 870 8052