Choosing Colours for PlayoutONE

Chris’s Top Tips

Choosing your colours

Choosing colours (colors – US, kul-az – Geordie) for your version of PlayoutONE might seem like an aribitary task and everyone who does it seems to do it in a happy carefree way, choosing colours that are more fit inducing than fit with the brand.

Of course people often say that choosing colour schemes is subjective to the individual – but I can tell you it’s not. There’s a right way to choose colours and then there’s way that everyone else seems to do.

I’ve spent my life designing interfaces and working tirelessly to make sure I get the right balance of form and function. Not just for our products, but for all other projects and products I’ve worked on in the past.

This might sound like I’m having a whinge, but I’m really not. If you’re going to choose colours, you have to think about what you’re doing. Choose the wrong colours and it can be extremely tiring on the eyes of the user, and the last thing you want is a studio full of Optrex – and I don’t want people seeing software I’ve designed, thinking I chose the colours that have put your presenters shaking in the corner (no offence).

So how do you do it?

Well my advice is look around the studio. Find a base colour, usually the most predominant colour in the room. Start there. Use that colour to shade the main views of the system and the predominant Type on the log. Get the colour as near as possible. Use the fine tuning in the pallete to get it 100% spot on.

Also if you’ve never used or seen a colour wheel, I suggest using one of those when you’ve got your base colour. It will help you colour other items and Types so you have a good contrast balance between the colours. If you’ve not experience with what this is and how it works here’s a good Wiki article about colour wheels.

You will know when you’re getting it right because when you step back and look at the studio as a whole, PlayoutONE shouldn’t jump out like a sore thumb. It should sit nicely within its surroundings.

If you feel you have a great colour scheme then feel free to share it on our Facebook page. We always love to see what our users are doing.