Cloud Radio Station

Cloud Radio Stations and Managed Hosting

If you need a radio station for any reason but don’t have the space or even the time to fully devote to the operation of it then why not go for a hosted / managed radio station with PlayoutONE and RadioStationSolutions?

A cloud station is one that is remote from your premises. We set everything up and you have remote access to the system to add and manage music and production via a Remote Desktop Connection.

Who would benefit from a cloud radio station?

  • Shops and Retail outlets
  • Cafés and Bars
  • Gyms
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Anyone who just fancies the kudos of having a radio station

How it Works

We look after the tech for you and help you get it all up and running with our 50 slot streaming service. This way you can access the system anytime you wish to manage audio or using our importer technology you can use a simple drop box and just add the music on your local machine which will then be intelligently imported.

It may seem like an odd concept but it’s a superb way to operate without the stress of making sure you’re bandwidth isn’t being killed at home and that your internet line is up and running and that the hardware itself is okay.

I think it’s safe to say at some point we’ve all had home internet outages for hours and even days. Can you imagine if your radio station relied on that? We all know that once you have to work hard to get listeners and even harder to keep them. Your broadband conking out is not a great way to hold on to them.

If you’re interested then pop over to or email and someone will get back in touch with you.