DARP NG and Windows 8 – A Match Made in ‘Silicon’ Heaven

darp ng and windows 8 64 bit no issuesFor the past two weeks we have been testing DARP NG on Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 (64 bit) and I’m pleased to say that DARP NG posed no problems for the install and no issues with running.

It was quick, sleek and well behaved.

We did have a few problems trying to get our heads round Windows 8 though. What the hell have Microsoft done? It’s like one day getting in your car and finding that everything you learned about operating the vehicle had changed. Instead of driving from the front seat you now sat in the boot. The accelerator was now on the steering wheel and the back wheels turned as well.

I’m glad to say that we will never overhaul DARP NG like that. You can be sure that whatever happens in the future and however operating systems alter that our music play out software will always behave, operate and look familiar. We may add new things, we may take things away – but we will never force you to re-educate yourself.

Things are hard enough for radio presenters at the moment what with making cups of tea between songs and pressing the ‘Play’ button that the last thing we need is temperamental hissy fits because the screen is now upside down, play actually stops the songs and going for the hotkey’s explodes the PC.

In conclusion DARP NG RULES – and if you want your station to rule… GET DARP NG!!!