DARP NG Latest

Good news on the DARP NG front folks. All the major functional upgrades have been completed and the system is fully working, stable, faster and smoother than ever.

We’ve been testing it for the past few days and it’s not missed a beat even when we’ve pushed it and tried to screw it up.

We have to say we’re impressed and even building logs is a breeze now with ProTrak NG which is specifically been re-written from the ground up with a brand new scheduling engine and is exclusively tied to DARP NG meaning you buy a fully working system, you’re not bolting bits on here and there. Other companies try to sell this concept as a scalable system when in fact they’re just ramping up the cost.

Even the audio store has been modified to make sure that if you make any audio edits then decide you don’t want to commit them the original audio is unaffected.

The Mass Importer for MP3’s has been fixed and is fully functioning making it easier to build your new database. It is also possible to import existing databases from various other playout systems.

Voicetracking, Music Scheduling and fully assisted / automated playout with lightning fast access to all of your stored audio with full Drag and Drop capability.

There are other tools currently in development too including a Split Player system which means you can network shows from remote locations across various stations in your group.

If you’re looking to really cut your expenditure then get in touch with RadioStationSolutions.