DARP NG Looks Lovely and Modern

There is one thing that people always comment on when they use DARP NG or see it in action and it generally goes along the lines of “It’s the best looking playout system there is”.

We can’t deny that. We do dedicate time to making sure that not only is the system functional and intuitive but also that it looks the best it can look. Elegance and Functionality is key and we never stop responding to the development of the design side of DARP NG.

To certain degree DARP NG is skinable too but this is because we’re working gradually on giving control to you as to how you might like it to look and to even adopt your brand. That’s for the future though.

Sadly we can’t stop you choosing God awful colours to colour your audio items with but if having a dayglo green cart helps you to see your carts quickly then I suppose it’s not a bad thing.

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