Happy New Year from DARP NG and the Team

Happy New Year from Radio Station SolutionsWell there goes 2012 and welcome to 2013. What a year it was in 2012 for DARP NG though, things are really starting to shape up.

One of our main concerns at Radio Station Solutions is that too many radio stations are suffering lately what with more licenses being issued causing market places to be watered down and the rising costs being impressed on them.

We want to change that and we’ve made a considerable start with DARP NG. This is music playout software to automate radio stations and we have deliberately kept the cost low because we know how important it is to try and maintain a profit these days.

Some of the features of DARP NG is that it has a robust and powerful SQL back end to keep everything in check. It also allows you to use basic sound cards or expensive ones – the choice is yours, DARP NG will roll with you.

You can mix your audio devices and players (this has been a feature since 2005 and is much tried and tested) so if you only have two sound cards in your PC you can still enjoy having 4 players on 4 mixer faders by configuring DARP NG accordingly. You can even put all your players through the one sound card and it will mix them all together automatically.

It has built in scheduling, facilities to keep hours in check and keep the right hour playing out. You can attach a Tipro keyboard to control DARP NG and later this year we’re going to adapt the system to have touch screen capability which will present the most commonly used functions to you on screen in a size that is more suited for touch displays.

There’s so much happening and you can be a part of it all and at the same time reduce your costs. It’s like being part of a really cool and proactive gang being part of the DARP NG family so give Phil a call today and find out more 07799 414 967 or contact us via our contact page.