Computer Love Weird Science

Has your radio automation system told you lately that it “Loves You”?

If not then you should really upgrade to the latest PlayoutONE Pro

When it comes to computers we think of them as mostly cold, unfeeling machines, with no emotions or capacity for understanding the deeper complications of romance, love and dirty weekends.

Well this in part is true. A computer is an inanimate collection of chips and components, and about the only thing close to anything sexual is that they can be “turned on”…. it’s about the only thing I can turn on these days.

So the hardware is a bit of cold fish, but software – well, that’s a different story. You see computers have been used to conquer the world of love for decades. Take computer dating where your details are cross referenced with other people in a database to find you true love. Remember also that mid 90’s marriage wrecker Friends Reunited? Then more up to date there was the divorce lottery of Ashley Maddison and things like Plenty of Fish for the desperate and Grindr for those pretty much on the shelf with fading hopes and a profile photo from 20 years ago.

But this isn’t the computer telling you it loves you is it? This is a computer assisting you to find someone else. Well your PC loves you, and we thought it was about time it told you.

Some of you using PlayoutONE Pro may have noticed today (valentines day at time of writing) that your stop chain markers have changed from a red hexagon to a heart….. PlayoutONE Pro loves you, and we love you too.

If you haven’t seen this on your log in Pro then you should think about updating to the latest version.

Here’s hoping you have / had a wonderful valentines day – and if not, don’t worry, there’s always Porn Hub.