Have we PEAKED too soon????

Cats DJingJust yesterday I was enthusing about all the new bits and bobs that the new version of DARP NG has and I totally forgot to mention one of the best.

You may have noticed a delay in the past when opening up audio items, well this delay was mostly caused by the waveform being analysed and built visually on the screen.

Well not anymore.

Now when you open an item or import one via the Edit Cart window DARP NG will automatically create a peak file which it will save alongside the audio file. This way when you subsequently open the item again it will be rapid as rapid can be.

Honestly, how do you forget to mention a great little feature like that, and like all updates this will be rolled out to all current DARP NG users at no extra cost because that’s how we roll.

If you would like to know more about DARP NG then get in touch via our contact page or call 0161 870 8052.