Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to the stage…..

DARP MonitorThings have been very busy at Radio Station Solutions HQ so firstly apologies for the massive gap between now and our last blog entry.

Holy Playout System Batman, we’ve been working with a lot of new stations and it’s so nice to get the feedback we get on DARP NG.

Comments range from “It looks lovely” to “It’s so easy to use” and “I love that you can drag and drop and add songs to the play list so easily“.

We’ve also been working hard adding new tools and also refining the one’s already there, making them more efficient and sorting out some ‘features’ as we like to call them. We just like to make sure you’re paying attention.

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome some new stations using DARP NG and ProTRAK NG to the family. There’s Island FM in Greece, Stafford FM, Jola in Iceland and Radio Newark who have all come on board this year and are using DARP NG to power their output.

DARP Monitor

We also have some new tools now too which perform various automated tasks like warning you of any mismatch in your audio database and its backup, database backup, license warnings, version management and much more. DARP Monitor is available to all DARP NG users and is part of our standard license fee so there’s nothing extra to pay for this peace of mind.

If you’re interested in finding out more about DARP NG and ProTRAK NG and how RadioStationSolutions can help you reduce your station costs whilst at the same time opening you up to a broad network of other like minded people then get in touch today on 0161 870 8052 or email