Multi Station splits with PlayoutONE Pro Radio Automation

Get a Split Personality

Operate more than ONE station easily with Multi Station.

As of version 4 of PlayoutONE Pro you can now extend its ability with a Multi Station license. This gives you extra stations which can be accessed from a simple drop down box on the log.

The beauty of Multi Station is it shares the same common audio library, so you only need to create one instance of an item. We have also introduced an extra element for splits, which means you can have multiple audio for split stations in one library and it makes creating and managing split stations much easier.

Multi Station does require an extra license, but if you’re interested then get in touch with us at

We don’t use the word “Revolutionary” lightly, and we’re not going to use it now – but Multi Station will make your life soooo much easier to manage, and, to coin a phrase, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Time for a toast.