New audio utilities added to help you manage your music library

find end of audio auto trim audio manage music libraryFor a while now users of DARP NG have been shouting at our developer to add some much needed tools for helping to manage their music library and to automate certain tasks.

I’m talking about the ability to auto find the end of a song at a comfortable point which will then play the next item in the log and to also trim any silence from the beginning and end of a piece of audio.

Well, not happy with just adding these new tools to the Edit Cart screen he’s also created a new Bulk Changes utility which allows you to make massive changes on audio you select from the audio list.

This now means that if you mass import audio to your library you can then set DARP NG looking for the trims and ends of audio while you go for a brew, a poo or whatever it is that gets you going.

The Bulk Changes utility also allows you to change cart colours and to alter items for scheduling or not, their types and their end types.

We expect more is to come but for now this very powerful and easy to use utility is a massive addition to an already beefy system.

If you would like to know more about how DARP NG can cut your cost centre and still give you the power you expect for your radio playout then get in touch with us via our contact page or call Phil on 07799 414 967.