New PlayoutONE Remote Voice Tracker

It seems that something everyone wants to do these days, especially with the onslaught of home based radio stations, is to be able to have some way to voice track and manage radio programmes remotely.

PlayoutONE Remote Voice TrackerWell at RadioStationSolutions we’ve been listening, and it was always the intention to add a remote voice tracking facility into PlayoutONE – but in doing so we’ve created something that’s so much more than just a voice tracker.

Oh yes, because of the way that we have constructed it, it’s also a synchroniser to keep remote systems in line with each other. If you choose to use it this way any changes made on your system in terms of audio will be relayed to other PlayoutONE systems connected to you and vice versa.

What about the voice tracking then?

Well this is sweet. You start by requesting the playlists you want to pop your voice tracks on using the built in PlayoutONE Remote Voice Tracker. That request is picked up by the remote system and is then prepared and delivered to you. Complete audio is sent to you however it’s of a low quality so not only is it small but it also prevents others getting your full quality music.

The other benefit of this is that you’re just using PlayoutONE’s native voice tracker and Playlist Creator along with the Segue Editor so everything will be familiar.

Also you can change the playlist as much as you want and any added audio will be sent back with all segues and timings adjusted to boot.

The Remote Voice Tracking app is an additional application that you can run manually on your system or you can license it for a one off payment and it will allow for automatic syncing.

Keep checking for more information, pricing and licensing information.