Sandgrounder Radio uses DARP NG music playout to power broadcast

One of the latest month long radio stations to take to the air is Sandgrounder Radio in Southport and RadioStationSolutions are proud to be aiding them not only with their play out system but also their studio setup and transmission gear.

Sandgrounder Radio DARP NGBroadcasting for 4 weeks from their base at the Wayfarers Shopping Arcade in Southport they will be chatting to guests, talking about all things local and playing great music on the run up to Christmas.

We have kitted out their radio station with Ofcom Approved transmission equipment, processing, mixing consoles, audio equipment and of course DARP NG which will keep their music and sponsors in the correct rotation and provide an easy presenting experience for their volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about Sandgrounder Radio then pop over to their website

Sandgrounder Radio goes live on 7th November 2015.