Social Tweeting now direct from DARP NG

radio playout social media integeration tweet status updateDARP NG the digital radio automation system never stops evolving and we can gleefully announce the addition of probably the most powerful feature of the modern age.

Picture This

You want to embrace your social networks, Facebook, Twitter and many more, but you are having trouble getting presenters to stay on top of tweeting important station announcements.

Not only that but when you go automated there is nobody around to actually keep the tweets going.

Well – DARP NG now can tweet for you.

radio automation tweet status update

Yes it’s true. You can now insert log items which will tweet the messages you want to tweet any time of the day or night regardless of presenter. Simply include the message breakpoint in your log and hey presto it will be tweeted when reached.

We don’t know of any other playout system that embraces this technology and if they eventually do then you can bet it’s 12 months away.

Just Think of the Possibilities

Without even thinking about it your followers are kept up to date with important announcements. Breaking news, school closures, traffic and travel updates can all be inserted either manually into the log or via ProTRAK NG.

Never again will your followers miss any important messages.

Thanks to DARP NG you’ll never forget to update your social media – because you don’t have to remember!