Zest Liverpool

Taste the Zest – Liverpool gets a brand new DAB radio station

There’s a new DAB radio station on Merseyside called Zest Liverpool and we at Radio station Solutions would like to wish them well.

Zest Liverpool are using a combination of live and sustained programming all powered by PlayoutONE and the PlayoutONE Cloud.

The live shows are done in their Liverpool City Centre studio using a regular copy of PlayoutONE and when they finish then control is all seamlessly handed over to the PlayoutONE Cloud which continues the programming.

They are playing a variety of anthems, classics and lively songs mixed with currents and new releases and it’s all on the MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex.

Phil England, the man responsible for Zest Liverpool, said

“In the last few years, many of the great local Liverpool stations have turned into outposts of national brands and whilst they clearly know their audience, some listeners feel a sense of loss. We’ll be bringing back a more locally focused feel.”

You can find out more, and listen online, at www.zestliverpool.com

Taste the Zest, Hear the Tang.