PlayoutONE Pro WebVT web voice tracking

Web Voice Tracking with PlayoutONE Pro WebVT? Oh, go on then…

Record your radio show directly in your browser.

For the past few months we’ve been working really hard on bringing you our latest product, PlayoutONE Pro WebVT, which is, as you probably have realised by now, voice tracking in a web browser.

We’re really proud of what we have created and we believe this will change your world.

There aren’t very many radio automation systems that offer web based voice tracking, and those that do tend to have a hefty price point. With PlayoutONE Pro WebVT you are able to breathe again as your costs are extremely low.

There is no messy software to install on each remote machine, and you can use it on a Mac or even on a Linux system like Ubuntu.

PlayoutONE Pro WebVT even allows you to manipulate your playlist and adjust your segue points. It obeys the ducking values you have set and also gives you the ability to post process your recorded voice tracks.

If you would like to find out more about WebVT or book a demo then pop over to