Your radio station on Amazon Alexa

Radio Station Solutions can now help you get your radio station on Amazon Alexa.

With more and more people using their home speakers to play radio and audio it makes sense to get your radio station on the Amazon Alexa now.

It’s a much easier way for people to hear your station. Imagine, you’ve just woken up in the morning, it’s freezing cold and simply getting out of bed violates your human rights. You just don’t want to make your arms cold and letting that chilly air under your duvet – so you just mutter ‘Alexa, play xxx radio’ and the station plays.

This is a wonderful thing. You can even tell Alexa to wake you up with that radio station, like an alarm call.

With our Alexa system, we offer more than just your radio station playing. You can even control the introduction message to your listeners, so you can use that to promote some upcoming feature. If you have a show device your logo will be displayed and you can ask the station what’s playing.

So how do you get onto Alexa?

You can read a bit more by clicking here, and you can contact us today for more information or to get the ball rolling (things moving).