PlayoutONE Music Automation

Music play out and radio automation

Simple to use with the power to operate a great sounding radio station or sustaining service.

PlayoutONE Radio Automation is simple to use and gives you the power to operate a great sounding radio station or sustaining service, live or automated, from the comfort of your own premises.

Ideal for Live and Automated operations it offers easy to manipulate playlists and a separate playlist editor to allow playlist creation or the recording of new material, using the voice tracker, away from the main live playlist.

Colours can be customized so you can reflect your corporate colours should you so wish and you can include a station logo to replace the standard PlayoutONE logo in the top corner.

AutoDJ without scripting

There are no scripts to learn with the power of PlayoutONE‘s AutoDJ with Configurable Artist and Title Rotations. Let the new intelligent Ducking system take care of ramping audio up and down to ride voice tracks and other selected production.


External music scheduling

If AutoDJ isn’t powerful enough for your solution then PlayoutONE integrates fully with Music1. Build powerful clocks and perfect rotations.

There’s no duplicating data, the two systems just work and talk together straight out of the box. New songs in PlayoutONE instantly appear in Music1. Changes made in Music1 replicate to PlayouONE.

Music1 music scheduling

Segue editing

View and tighten the segue’s between audio items on your playlists easily and see the waveforms so you can accurately position your transitions.


Adding Voicetracks to a pre build playlist couldn’t be easier. Just navigate to where you would like to put the recorded voicetrack, click the record button and hear the end of the previous item in the playlist and the beginning of the next item.

Need more power?

If you want more from your automation system like a dynamic playlist or social media integration then maybe have a look at PlayoutONE PRO.

PlayoutONE Pro

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