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Everything you need from music automation to scheduling, streaming to logging, control and file management.


Radio broadcast software

Ideal for Live and Automated operations it offers easy to manipulate playlists and a separate playlist editor to allow playlist creation or the recording of new material, using the voice tracker, away from the main live playlist.


Voice track in a browser

No more installing and setting up complex software, VPNs and fiddling with your hardware.

Everything is done via the web browser so you can do this on any platform be it Windows, MacOS or Linux.


Music scheduling

You can use other scheduling packages too, but Music1 is the only pro scheduler that talks directly to PlayoutONE.

In addition to delivering perfect song rotations and music flow, Music 1 also schedules Liners, Voice Tracks, Promos, Jingles, Spot Breaks, Short- and Long-form programs and Syndicated shows.


Audio streaming

Streaming, silence detection and logging all in one simple, low-cost package.

You can setup as many encoders as you want, all streaming to different servers and at different rates with different codecs from MP3, AAC and AAC+ or OPUS and OGG.


Remote control

No need for expensive control keyboards anymore with the PlayoutONE Surface application which simply installs to a Windows 10 based tablet and connects directly to the PlayoutONE machine that you would like to connect to via your LAN or even WAN.

Auto Importer

Content handling

Automate all your audio importing with Auto Importer. When combined with FileCopy you can automatically download files from FTP, Internet, Dropbox or local file shares and have the content imported into your PlayoutONE automatically.


Content handling

If you need a simple to use application to automatically take files required for broadcast and do a combination of renaming, copying, moving and even clever date and time based naming then FileCopy is the utility for you.

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