Streaming Packages

If you’re after a streaming package for your radio station then Radio Station Solutions have a package for every budget and every requirement. We have our own dedicated servers which you can access via your dedicated control panel.

All of our plans come with unlimited bandwidth and up to 128kbps AAC or MP3 – you choose.

Plan A

100 slots

£9.99 p/m

Plan B

250 slots

£19.99 p/m

Plan C

500 slots

£34.99 p/m

Plan D

1000 slots

£59.99 p/m

Web Player

All our streaming packages come with a responsive HTML5 radio player which you can utilise on your website as a pop out player.

Radio Player


Once you have your streaming service endpoint then you need software that understands what you need and will look after you when things go a bit leftfield.

LiveStream isn’t just streaming software.

LiveStream all in one streaming and logging


Stream to your endpoint using a variety of codecs like MP3, AAC & AAC+, OPUS, OGG


Log your streaming audio into either MP3, AAC or AAC+, WAV, OPUS or OGG and in various sample rates and bits.

Silence Detection

Built in silence detection can perform various tasks if your audio source goes quiet.

Emergency File

Should your main audio source fail, you can get LiveStream to play a backup file in a loop until the main audio returns.

Email Notifications

If the main audio feed falls silent then get Email notifications when this happens and also when the audio returns.

Meta Data

Capture and relay meta data in a variety of different ways. Use a local file or get LiveStream to run a local http server to capture URLs sent to it.

Audio Processing

Process your main audio source using whichever VSTs or DSPs you want. You can order them and stack them into a chain.

All this just for £74.99

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