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Hello, my name is Kris Siebers, and I work at Today’s Christian Country, 89.9fm KYMS in Northern Idaho. We are a unique music format, blending Mainstream Country and Inspirational Country along with daily and weekly teaching programs.

A typical day for me begins at around 9am when I fill my giant Star Trek coffee cup with wake-up juice (“Do you want some coffee with your creamer?”). Once that’s filled, i’m ready to check my email and see what might need to be attended to first. It’s then on to check a few websites for music news and information to preload into our social media sites. PlayoutONE’s new feature that allows social media posts within the playlist is a huge benefit for us, as we can post stories about certain artists right before their song plays!

Once 10.30am comes around, I’m voice tracking my afternoon show which airs between 2pm and 7pm. I’ve never been very good at show prep, however with PlayoutONE I can prep each break as I get to it.

I like to look up tidbits about the artists and songs and inject something into each break, even if it’s just one small detail like a birthday or where they are playing in concert (especially if it’s within our TSA). We use Vonage as our phone system, so I have the ability to receive calls & texts for requests, i’m also able to receive them on my mobile phone in case I’m not in the studio. My office also doubles as a production studio, and Vonage allows me to answer the phone on my office computer so if I need to, I can record a phone call and inject it right into our PlayoutONE system from my desk via Auto Importer, whilst I am working on other things.

My goal each day is to schedule 2 days of music so I am always 2-3 days ahead on the logs. This helps our weekend folks who like to come in earlier in the week to record their shows. We are a non-profit station and most of our staff are volunteers, so we try to accommodate their schedules by having the music logs done ahead of time. We use Music1 as our scheduler, and it does not take long to generate a log, however I do like to go through every hour and make sure everything is rotating properly.

Throughout the week, I have a variety of jobs to take care of besides the daily duties.


Monday’s are music meetings days, where I’ll usually print the weekly spin report, so I can begin writing and producing the Friday Top 5 countdown.  Each Friday afternoon at 5:30pm we count down the 5 biggest songs of the week, plus I insert two “future hits.” Once I determine the Top 5 and the future hits, I look up info on the artists and songs for the countdown and write the scripts.


Business networking meetings happen around lunchtime and this allows us to meet other business owners and help build referrals and sponsors to our radi

o station. When I return to work, I work on the Top 5, schedule music, and I begin to check our FTP sites and Dropbox for our upcoming weekend programs. Besides music, we play a number of pre-recorded programs during the week. Once the programs are ready, a quick drag and drop into PlayoutONE via Auto Importer and they are loaded and ready to go. This used to be what took the majority of my time during the week.

I would spend around 5-6 hours every week downloading, loading, trimming, typing titles, and uploading approximately 70 of these programs into our old automation system (10 daily programs, 5 days per week and the weekend programs on top of that). The entire process now takes about 10 minutes!


Time to put the finishing touches to Friday’s Top 5. I record and edit my breaks using Adobe Audition, then save them as mp3 and load into PlayoutONE in the Voice category.  Then a quick drag from the playlist into the 5:00pm hour’s log, editing all the segues, and done!


I always spend a little time on Thursday loading more of the weekend programming and checking if any programs for next week are ready for download. Then I take care of anything else I missed earlier in the week. I then go around and do a reboot of all of the computers in our music system. Windows 10, being what it is, works best with fewer glitches if it is rebooted at least once per week.


Music Day! After our weekly staff meeting, I take the new music from our Monday meeting and load into PlayoutONE, finishing up in the Music1 scheduler. Then I make sure all the weekend programs are loaded, along with whatever is available for next week.

Being a small staffed station, we all wear many hats. My job title is Director of Branding, which my GM describes as “being responsible for the overall sound of the station.” This includes spending much of day in Music1 and PlayoutONE to make sure all the music is properly coded, training and coaching our air staff, and listening to the station the entire time I am at work. I also have recruited a few sponsors, so I have to do a bit of the sales side of radio as well.

My day ends somewhere between 4:00-6:00pm during the week, depending on the day. Then it’s home to spend time with my family, or occasionally rehearsal for a theatre production I am in.

Kris Siebers
KYMS – Today’s Christian Country

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