Voice track from anywhere

Do it in a web browser on a PC, Mac or your favourite OS.

No complicated software to setup.

PlayoutONE Pro brings you the power of WebVT, voice tracking in a web browser.

No more installing and setting up complex software, VPNs and fiddling with your hardware. Your contributors can now login easily through the web wherever they are, and using their microphone simply record their voice tracks and manipulate their log as they see fit.

Everything is done via the web browser so you can do this on any platform be it Windows, MacOS or Linux.


WebVT has many exciting features aside from simply recording your links. You can post process your voice tracks, check audio history to see where items have been played or are going to play and you get to see the log in realtime.

Change it in WebVT, it changes in the studio and vice versa.


WebVT is not just a web voice tracking system, it also allows you to adjust your segue points and also manipulate your logs.

Add / Edit Audio

It’s not just voice tracks or log management you can do in WebVT, you can also add and edit audio in the station library – and when we say “Add”, we mean you can actually add new audio from your local system to the station.

You can then insert this audio into your log. This is great for interviews or anything you may have recorded and mixed outside of PlayoutONE WebVT.


As an administrator you can create users and assign them permissions to restrict their ability to record, manage logs and access the media finder. If you want to only allow them to voice track their shows then using the assignment grid you can just tick the hours they are permitted access to.

Simple URL

We can even provide you a simple URL to give you access to your WebVT portal instead of having to remember an IP address, not to mention if you don’t have a static IP address where you are housing WebVT.

Our system not only keeps your URL up to date but makes it easy for your content providers to remember.

SSL Protection

In addition to the simple URL, we can also provide, if required, SSL security so that your content providers do not get confronted with the horrible Not Secure warning when using the system.

If you would like to see a short demo of WebVT in action please fill in your details here.

Your Privacy

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